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Hi! I'm Bella.

Since a child, it has been my dream to own a cake studio. A studio where I dedicate my days crafting beautiful, show stopping cakes that elicit immediate happiness and leave my customers yearning for another slice. Little did I know, this dream would turn into my reality. 

SO, I welcome you to my little cake business
, Eat With Bella. At Eat With Bella, we LOVE cake. To be more specific, we are OBSESSED with cake. Obsessed with baking cake, obsessed with decorating cake and of course, obsessed with eating cake. We create bespoke vintage style and made-to-order custom cakes for all occasions. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, an engagement, or just a hankering for some seriously delicious cake, we've got you covered.


What Our Customers Say:

"The cookies and cakes tasted so amazing! The flavour, the texture, the taste, the appearance, everything was just so perfect! "
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